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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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now we found out that santa clara therapist is accusing mr. spillman of rape and we have the police report. the santa clara police report is 21 pages long. it details the alleged attempted rape of a santa clara massage therapist by then 49er cj spillman who now plays for the cowboys. the case was investigated last december by the santa clara police department but no charges were ever filed. >> it's an extremely disturbing report, obviously. >> reporter: kpix 5 legal and political analyst melissa griffin-caen read the police report and can't figure out why the case against spillman was dropped. >> absolutely baffling. this is the definition of probable cause. if there is a reason why they do not arrest this man, they need to come forth and explain it. >> reporter: no one from the santa clara county d.a.'s office would comment on camera but a spokesman said, insufficiency of evidence was the reason why d.a. jeff rosen refused to prosecute. >> any first year law student would take one look at this and say absolutely, there are grounds for arrest. >> reporter: the report says spillman tried to have sex with a woman in a therapy room but
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she said no, that stuff doesn't happen in here. it goes on to say spillman got on top of the woman and tried to force her to have oral sex. the woman eventually escaped and called police the next day. spillman did not deny that there was an encounter but told police it was consensual. >> they are always difficult to prosecute. it's one of the reasons why victims are so reluctant to come forward but in this case we have a victim who told four different people a credible and consistent story about what happened and a perpetrator who doesn't even deny that he did it, he just denies that it was unwelcome. >> reporter: just within the last half-hour we have spoken to gloria allred and she says that the accuser in this case is willing to talk to the nfl and, in fact, she said she is eager to tell her side of the story. >> my california client is willing to be interviewed by them as part of their
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investigation. >> reporter: now, this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. there is not a criminal case against mr. spillman here in santa clara. but with miss allred ripping her, there is a very good -- representing her, there is a good possibility there will be a civil case. len ramirez, kpix 5. a 49er incident leading a change in police policy. off duty san jose police officers will no longer be able to work for the team. it has to do with the ray mcdonald domestic abuse case. the chief put out this statement. due to the complexities of the investigation both criminally and administratively, we feel that it is in our best interests to suspend all san francisco 49ers secondary employment related assignments until further notice. san jose police officers had been providing security for the team. ray mcdonald reportedly called one of those officers right after a domestic violence incident at his home in august.
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that officer was in uniform and at the birthday party when other officers showed up. mcdonald was arrested. the district attorney is now deciding whether to file charges. new at 6:00, it is the techies versus some neighborhood kids in a turf war over a popular soccer field. kpix 5's ryan takeo tells us the mission district playground has become ground zero for the gentrification fight in san francisco. ryan. >> reporter: the turf war is waged here on artificial turf. it's a nice field. about this time teams are practicing. they have the field until about 7:00. and that's when the pickup games start and so do the arguments over who has the field. >> this field has never been booked. you don't understand. this field has never been -- [ simultaneous speakers ] >> how long have you been in the neighbor, bro? >> reporter: the argument is between a group of neighborhood soccer players and tech workers wearing drop box jerseys. the techies explained they reserve the field on an app. >> on the phone we did it
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online. >> reporter: rudy says he was there when this video was taken about a week and a half ago. he says at that time of night there are normally pickup games. >> everybody in the park was really tripping because, you know, this is a neighborhood park and it's being reserved? >> tuesday and thursday nights the only days of the week permitted from 7 to 9 p.m. >> reporter: san francisco rec and park downplayed the culture clash. >> so has nothing to do with the techs people in the community know it was nothing at all. it was about i have my time i want my time and that's it. >> when it's reserved, like what the hell, you know? everybody is cussing at 'em and this n that. it get kind of violent. >> reporter: in any other city or time, this would have been a simple argument over a ballgame. but in the throes of the culture clash -- >> it belongs to the neighborhood, not to a person that's, oh, i'm paying money and i reserved it. i don't care! >> reporter: rudy says this is
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actually happened a handful of times in the past month. this video since we posted it online this afternoon has gone viral! if you want to check out the full video, you can go to our website, and you can watch the full video. we'll give you a link from there. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> ryan, thank you. it is not free to reserve the field. it costs about $5 per player per hour and many in the neighborhood say they can't afford that. chilling details about the events that led up to the shooting of a san francisco woman. police say the shooter was her ex-boyfriend. and it followed a night of trouble. kpix 5's joe vazquez is in the newsroom. joe, the cops were repeatedly called before shots were fired there. >> reporter: they were, ken. it was an hours long ordeal. police responded five times to hey home on natomas near 6th street that last call because the woman had been critically wounded by a gunshot and the man was dead. first call 8:30 last night.
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domestic disturbance. but the woman called officers off because she says the fight was over. 9:15, another call to the cops. he was incessantly ringing the doorbell. no crimes committed. 10:00 no call this time the cops threw the suspect in jail for public intoxication. 4 a.m., the man got out of the drunk tank and went straight back and started ringing her doorbell again. this time, with her permission, the cops watched as the man packed some of his stuff and left. an hour later police say the suspect returned, forced haddist way inside, and shot the -- forced his way inside and shot the woman in the upper body and then shot himself to death. >> the suspect after he shot the female victim he shot himself and died at the scene. based on our investigation at this point, it appears that two of them resided together and were in some sort of relationship. >> reporter: we just talked to the police chief about this. he says the man and woman were
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calm through the entire time frame. so the officers simply didn't expect this explosion of violence. the chief also says the cops had patted the suspect down and didn't have a gun on him at least until the final visit. joe vazquez, kpix 5. california's attorney general is opening an investigation into alleged improper contacts between pg&e and the public utilities commission. it stems from emails about the san bruno explosion. they show close ties between the utility and state regulate aers. puc president michael peevey says this week he is not seeking reappointment after he was accused of having a cozy relationship with pg&e. the feds are also investigating. a cash-strapped bay area health system has a controversial new owner. the daughters of charity sold all six of its hospitals to prime healthcare today. there are three hospitals in the bay area. o'connor hospital in san jose, as well as hospitals in gilroy and daly city. the daughters of charities
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mission is to serve the poor. some employees say prime healthcare will not meet their needs and oppose the sale. >> they have a track record of cutting services when they acquire hospitals, of laying off staff, um, they are currently facing civil and criminal charges around overcharging medicare. there's a real concern here that the o'connor hospital that we know is not going to the the same hospital under prime ownership. >> the bid for the sale of the hospital must be approved by state and federal agencies as well as the vatican. president obama in san francisco tonight for another fundraiser for the democratic party. air force one arrived at sfo at 3:30 this afternoon. right now the president is at the "w" hotel attending a reception. tickets for that event started at $500. the president was greeted at the w by dozens of protestors out front of the they are criticizing his foreign policy in syria and in iraq. protestors say they are angry
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over the president's decision to order air strikes. a mountain lion being tracked by scientists is dead after getting hit on a freeway. the big cat wandered into a mountain view parking garage back in may. officers caught him and returned him to the wild. his gps collar allowed them to keep tabs on him. that's how they learned that testifies struck and killed by a car last week on -- that he was struck and killed by a car lease week on 280. a pizza chef is charged with animal cruelty after he poured bleach on a possum. he said he made a mistake. he has been fired from the pizzeria. the possum was only six months old. it died at an animal rescue center. santa cruz middle school student is under arrest for carrying more than just books in his backpack. that student was carrying a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun. the 13-year-old was taken off campus immediately. nobody was hurt. police don't know how the
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student got the gun. the middle school principal sent an email to parents say, i thorough investigation is under way. missing deep under water for decades, a fisherman's surprising discovery all because of california's drought. >> i said somebody has to keep all these boys in line. >> the girl power behind the blue angels stunt team. you will meet the women inspiring a new generation to set their sights on the sky. >> we have our eye on the sky, too. it's bringing some surprising extremes in the next five days. the forecast is just ahead. >> coming up at 6:30, a kpix 5 report sets off fireworks. the bold threat from bay area police officers that could be a game changer in a heated mayoral race. ,, ...we need to break up.
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was brought home. geoffrey "craig" hunt was kd a veteran san jose pilot lost his life tuesday fighting
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a wildfire in yosemite. today his body was brought home. jeffrey craig hunt was killed when the air tanker he was piloting crashed into a canyon wall. an honor guard escorted hunt's body back to san jose this afternoon. family members and fellow firemen were on hand for a brief ceremony. meantime investigators had a chance to study the crash site. the ntsb says at this point, they do not believe there was mechanical problem with the plane. and based on that, they are putting other cal fire planes back into service. >> -- are comfortable to say at this point we do not see anything that leads us to any mechanical related issues with the accident sequence. >> the director of cal fire says pilots who do not feel personally ready to fly yet will be begin more time to recover. fire crews are making steady progress against a wildfire threatening the placer county community of applegate. flames are holding steady right
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now with about 30% containment. 1,000 homes are in the fire's direct path and many evacuation orders are in place. today all lanes of interstate 80 to lake tahoe have reopened. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. an incredible discovery made possible by our historic drought. a fisherman reeled in a backpack in the recedes waters of castaic lake in southern california. reporter brittney hopper tells us the contents have been lost 22 years ago. >> reporter: the fisherman has been fishing on this lake for decades. he says he is not surprised he found the backpack since the water level is so low right now. but he was surprised of what was inside the backpack. >> and i opened it up and as i opened it, a gun fell out. >> reporter: but not just this gun. this badge and a class ring that has been in the backpack under water for 22 years. >> i opened the wallet and there was a badge for the department of treasury.
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>> reporter: 63-year-old jay poor of castaic has been fishing on this lake since he was 2. he found fishing lures, anchors and even a typewriter. but nothing like this. >> i knew that i better go find the sheriffs and give it to 'em. >> reporter: in 1992, a us treasury agent and a friend went to the lake and the backpack went overboard. he spotted the top part of the backpack because it's low. the park's bureau lake operations says the water level is down 150 feet. because of the drought. the officer is an active duty undercover agent so he couldn't be on camera. but i am told he is happy his belongings were found since he was getting so much grief from his colleagues after losing it. >> that's the real story. how did he explain that to his boss? i lost my gun.
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where? um, on a fishing trip? >> yeah. >> one of my -- well. >> 22 years ago, he is probably -- he is probably ready to retire. >> can you believe castaic is down 150 feet? that's crazy. southern california, that's about 50 miles north of l.a. for us, we are looking at pretty warm weekend ahead. in fact so warm we have red flag warnings posted first heading out tonight we are looking at fog along the shoreline already. and partly cloudy skies will be pushing into the rest of the bay area. you can already see that actually if you look out the window. red flag warnings are posted beginning saturday night because this slight cooling spell that we had will turn around this weekend. we'll get strong northeast winds and so the north bay hills, the east bay hills, santa cruz mountains as well, gusts to about 50 miles an hour very dry winds, too. 78 in concord right now. san francisco low 60s. santa rosa 66. high pressure is rebuilding or will rebuilding on saturday over nevada. it's the classic situation for
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down south, santa ana winds and up here the offshore winds mean that the humidities will be down to about 15% by saturday night. saturday night is when the winds peak. and that's why they have those red flag warnings posted. afternoon highs for tomorrow will be up in the upper 80s again and even warmer on sunday. and by the way, giants playing the cardinals they expect 54 degrees at missouri at game time. it will be cloudy and cool. also the italian heritage parade. 75 degrees in north beach. it's going to be very nice on sunday. so here's what we expect to sum it all up. we are looking for temperatures to warm to near 90 degrees inland. warm and windy saturday afternoon and evening. a shower chance coming in late tuesday. for tomorrow, 87 at livermore. 73 in the city and 82 in san jose. north bay mid- to low-80s will do it tomorrow and again even warmer on sunday. numbers peak out in the low 90s. monday and tuesday, monday still warm, tuesday we cool down. wednesday we might get wet. and it looks like maybe some more showers coming in on friday. operative word i hate to tell
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you is -- maybe. [ laughter ] >> that's the way the last three years have gone. >> thank you. sparkling visibilities are expected for this weekend's fleet week festivities. today it was the parade of ships. this is a look from on board the uss chosen. the lead ship in the parade. we captured the navy cruiser as it sailed under the golden gate bridge. other destroyers, cruisers and local police and fire boats also sailed under the bridge. >> we took the girls out of school because we thought this was more educational than what they would learn in school today. >> the most talked about ship the uss america is the navy's newest amphibious assault ship. it will be commissioned tomorrow. all these ships will be docked along the embarcadero this weekend where visitors can take tours. well, fog kept the blue angels grounded for a time this afternoon. they normally practice on the friday before their weekend
6:19 pm
shows. we know the angels always bring the horsepower. but cate caugiran shows us we're also starting to see a lot more girl power. >> inside this door here, um, in a fleet jet they will have the gun house there. >> reporter: keeping the blue angels in the sky is the crew chief hannah rains. >> somebody has to keep these boys in line. >> reporter: she is not alone. like the navy as a whole the blue angels team is quickly adding more women. and it's already making an impression. >> working on the aircraft is a lot of fun. but most rewarding part of this job is like i was saying when you're interacting with the crowd talking to the little girl and her mom saying thank you, you inspired my little girl to do whatever she wants, that's awesome. >> reporter: one of those girls would be 11-year-old grace. >> in fourth grade, um, we went on a field trip to the aviation museum. it was really cool stuff. i was kind of interested in it. >> reporter: today is part of a
6:20 pm
fleet week outreach program. grace got to buckle up with a stunt pilot and hit the sky. >> just going up there and seeing the bay and napa and all the schools and stuff is so cool. >> reporter: so it's not all guys up there this weekend. just remember, the 11-year-old girl who now has a taste for stunt flying. >> it was awesome! >> that's insane. [ laughter ] >> it's nuts. >> okay. with the young eagle -- [ inaudible ] flight program for kids and i'm taking grace. see ya! >> that's awesome. by the way, blue angels did get up for a few minutes this afternoon finally. they will be ready for this weekend. here's a brief list of fleet week events:
6:21 pm
>> find a list of all the fleet week activities on >> i can't believe they only got up for a couple of minutes today. looking forward to it this weekend. he wanted a raise so he emailed his boss, but it didn't stop there. what employees got to remove that could pay off for his coworkers. >> the shark tank for high schoolers students duke it out for the next million-dollar idea in silicon valley. ,, ,,
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others. now, americans everywhere are discovering that... spoon after spoon... dish after dish... time, after time, after time again... deliciously creamy galbani ricotta inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta. started out with an idea. kx 5's mike sugerman shows us. the next big thing in silic valley could come from some l tesla, facebook, billion- dollar companies that all started out with an idea, right? kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us the next big thing in silicon valley could come from some budding high school entrepreneurs. >> reporter: meet your future bosses. you might not actually work for these people but someone like them. >> the number one top place in the country.
6:24 pm
>> reporter: as america's top youth entrepreneur being picked now in silicon valley. how about toothpaste that changes color when you brush two minutes as dentists recommend? >> one day i saw my sister brushing for 20 seconds and i realized this is something that affects all of us. >> reporter: he figures to lure some of it with his brand southern fly which makes lures. and clothing for the fly fisherman. he is in it for the fun. are you going to be a rich man after this? >> whether or not fly fishing and this company makes me rich is pretty uncertain. >> reporter: are you going to make a lot of money off this? >> absolutely, to be a millionaire. >> reporter: two others have a new line of popcorn. >> the sales line for tonight is going to be, having somebody at the booth. >> reporter: this is their mentor. >> it's not only fun but rewarding watching a group of kids come from having a crazy
6:25 pm
idea that they started selling a little popcorn in school to actually forming a business becoming a registered company and launching a product. >> reporter: more than two dozen teams and later tonight the champ will be crowned. they won't be millionaires yet. but the grand prize of $25,000 will be a nice start. in santa clara, mike sugerman kpix 5. >> two local teams are in the competition selling cell phone cases and hoodies. the wells fargo employee asked his boss to give everyone a raise and he let every, single one of his coworkers know about it. that email was sent to wells' ceo john stumpf and hundreds of thousands of coworkers. in it, the employee asked him to take a stand on income equality. his demand? all 300,000 wells fargo employees get a $10,000 raise. the guy who made the demand still has his job. the bank responded by saying it
6:26 pm
offers competitive salaries. be careful when you hit "send." in the next half-hour a bold threat in a bay area mayoral race. hundreds of police officers threatening to quit. the war of words that can be a game changer at the ballot box. >> a cyber attack that could be bigger than anything we have seen before. the hack that could expose hundreds of thousands of nude snapchat photos. >> and she survived getting shot in the head by the taliban. then dared to speak up for women's rights. how this afghan teen is making history tonight. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. now at 6:30: hundreds of police officers thre bay area councilma and they are doing everything they can to undermine the department. >> now at 6:30, hundreds of police officers threatening to quit if a bay area councilman is elected mayor. tonight a story we broke is stirring up some fiery reaction. welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. voting getting under way in the san jose mayoral race tonight. there are allegations of scare tactics. only on "5" kiet do with a bold threat that could be a game changer at the ballot box. >> these type of scare tactics
6:30 pm
coming from the poa, um, are disturbing. >> reporter: matt mayhood the ceo of the silicon valley chamber of commerce was shocked and disgusted after seeing our kpix 5 story last week where we approached the union president to confirm rumors swirling around the department of what would happen if sam liccardo were elected mayor. >> there's going to be 200 cops that have a hard discussion with their families and say, i -- i can't do this, i can't do eight more years of this. >> reporter: mayor chuck reed who supports sam liccardo says is election year three at tricks. >> we are in the middle of a political campaign and they are doing what they can to undermine the department and they always predict bad things. >> reporter: over the few years hundreds of cops have left. the chamber of commerce says the police union played a major role in the exodus. >> they have been, you know,
6:31 pm
helping police officers leave directing them to job fairs, promoting the fact that the city of san jose is a bad place to work. you don't want to work in the city of san jose. those type of scare tactics undermine the city's ability to keep retain and attract new police officers. >> to think that my job as the poa president is to sell their failed policies, that's just crazy. >> reporter: police union president jim unland has no regrets and doubled down on his prediction now saying 200 is on the low end of the range. >> and now we're issuing a new warning. if you continue eight more years of this, more officers are going to leave. it's just what's going to happen. it's not a threat. it's not an intimidation. it's just a warning that this is the consequence to continuing these policies. >> reporter: sam liccardo says he is focused on solutions like reinstating officer pay while the union is fear mongering. >> the residents i talk to who hear these kinds of threats consider it political blackmail and they are not going to be
6:32 pm
bullied. they know it's their job to elect the next mayor, not the job of the union boss. >> the city will add 50 new officers this year but that's short of the 95 who have left the force this year alone through resignations and retirement. palo alto police doing everything they can to catch a flasher. they have had three incidents this week alone and one of the suspects is believed to have exposed himself in belmont just this morning. here's a sketch for you from palo alto pd. it's of the man from an incident that happened yesterday they say the scrapings is similar to the belmont flasher. these are sketches of both in palo alto. the man on the left is wanted for inches supposing himself to a girl earlier this week. police aren't sure if it's just one man doing this. officers have stopped just about all other investigations to try to catch this man. an ebola scare in las vegas
6:33 pm
today. the boy who got sick on a flight and was quaratined has been given the "all clear." he had traveled with his mother from west africa recently and health officials said the pair hadn't been to any of the countries affected by the outbreak. worldwide the death toll from the ebola virus now tops 4,000 people. the u.n. envoy says ebola cases are doubling every three to four weeks. u.s. military are rushing to set up hospitals to treat health workers in liberia and new details are emerging about the dallas patient who died. thomas eric duncan's temperature spiked to 103 degrees during his first hospital visit. a 17-year-old girl is the youngest ever to win the nobel peace prize. malala yousefzai from pakistan survived being shot in the head by the taliban. nobel committee recognized her for her struggle to give girls the opportunity to go to school. she will share that award with
6:34 pm
another child advocate, kailash satyarthi. he helped save more than 80,000 kids from child exploitation in india. still ahead, snapchat users exposed. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, the massive attack that could put tens of thousands of nude photos in the hands of hackers. >> and ice cream and credit card theft. how dairy queen is taking action after a security breach at hundreds of stores. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:36 pm
on the consumer watch, julie tells us thousands well another massive photo hack this time it's not just the celebrities. >> on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us thousands of teens could be impacted. >> reporter: yeah, unlike the targeted celebrity nude photo hacking, this is more widespread possibly affecting more than 100,000 snapchat users. and it's estimated 50% of their users are teens so some inappropriate photos will be child pornography. snapchat allows users to take and send photos that are
6:37 pm
supposed to disappear seconds after recipient views them but users report hackers are set to release more than 100,000 photos taken with the app. snapchat says it's not to blame and its servers were not breached tweeting the hack only affects those who used third party apps to send and receive snaps something that is prohibited in its terms of use. >> to snapchat's credit this happened only with people who used these third party services. this is something that was out of snapchat's hands at least in terms of allowing these services to back up photos. the thing that we weren't able to get out of snapchat and that's sort of the big question is why, why is snapchat allowing these third party services to connect in the first place? they could just lock it down. >> and while snapchat itself wasn't hacked this time, rosenblatt says its privacy policy allows them to store photos on their server which could theoretically get hacked, as well. bottom lines these days assume
6:38 pm
that any photo that you upload or view on a connected device can and may actually be made public. speaking of hacking, dairy queen is now dealing with a data breach of its own. the ice cream chain confirms that hackers installed malware on cash registers in nearly 400 stores between august and september. it appears hackers may have gotten access to customer names and account numbers. dairy queen will be offering free credit monitoring to affected customers though security experts warn credit monitoring services do absolutely nothing to help consumers detect or prevent fraud, just lets you know when it happens. nissan is recalling one of its best selling cars because the hood can suddenly fly up while the car is in motion. the recall affects altimas from the 2013 model year only. that's more than 220,000 vehicles. nissan says corrosion can cause the secondary hood latch lever to open causing the hood to open, as well. one driver reported his hood
6:39 pm
opened and then detached. nissan will do the repair for free but hasn't said when it will notify owners but check the recall status of any car at the nhtsa database and we have a link on our website, go to "links and numbers." >> i can't eat ice cream, take pictures or drive my car anymore due it hackers. >> just be aware of the repercussions. >> okay. >> scary time we're living in. thanks, julie. still ahead, our student rising above who goes to one of the most prestigious private prep schools in the state. >> he figured out how to get a scholarship there when he was in 8th grade largely on his own but the fact that he is here at all is a miracle of another magnitude. it's up in ex- >> yeah, and we have a lot happening this weekend in the bay area. big breakers at the beach and some big changes coming in next weekend. we'll have the forecast coming up as well as this young man. >> yes. live in downtown st. louis,
6:40 pm
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tonight. .. coming up he is the kind of kid you read about in books. that's a quote from a teacher about a student rising above tonight. we'll hear his story in a few minutes. >> first the rain and how much we'll get. >> i have been slaving over a hot weather computer and trying to find out what's happening. the weather will warm up until showers come in tuesday in the north bay and wednesday for the rest of the bay. surf east up at the shoreline. swell light 5 to 13 feet and sneaker waves possible strong rip currents, as well. toward the bay bridge a lot of low cloudiness coming in tonight in advance of the heat wave a sign of the leaps exiting to the east.
6:44 pm
san francisco low 60s now. concord 78. livermore nice and mild much better than the 90s we were seeing at this time just 48 hours ago. here's what he happening. this low pressure that's now moving inland over the pacific northwest will be scooting out to the east. that will be replaced by high pressure and that means a weekend warmup. the numbers will be back in the low 90s inland. by sunday a lot of sunshine at the beach. then it will turns around again this low pressure carves out a deep trough over the west coast. so we get a chance of showers coming into the bay area again late tuesday into the north bay and spreading over the rest of the bay area on wednesday. amounts vary right now. it might dry up completely. but at the moment it's looking good for rain for midweek. between now and then we have a warmup. saturday night and sunday morning wind gusting at 50 miles an hour in the highest elevations of the bay area and coming out of the east in a dry
6:45 pm
direction. so temperatures are up, winds up, humidities down, red flag warnings have been posted. that kicks in on saturday night. in the headlines as we look at the golden gate bridge, with low clouds moving in, we'll be warm with highs to near 90 inland and those winds picking up saturday night and also the waves are up at the beach. tomorrow in san francisco, we'll be a little bit above average same for san jose same for oakland then more above average by the saturday and sunday time frame. 77 degrees in santa clar tomorrow. 78 hayward. east bay mid-80s. brentwood though up to 90. 86 walnut creek. danville 87. up in the north bay nice warm saturday plenty of sun after a few low morning clouds and 84 degrees in san rafael. extended forecast calling for the warmest day to be on sun. it will be in the low 90s. tuesday temperatures collapsing into the mid-70s. that will set the stage for showers on wednesday and that's not the only time. looks like another little shot coming in by friday. >> good. >> stay tuned. >> that's good news.
6:46 pm
>> keep your fingers crossed. our student rising above tonight has a story that defies possibilities. you would never guess that he was born in a war zone or that he experienced hunger for years in a refugee camp. wendy tokuda shows us where he is now. >> reporter: he is now attending a rigorous private school, a school that's very hard to get into. and he fits in perfectly. before you you have to see him at home to know how truly far he has traveled. east oakland international boulevard ♪[ music ] >> reporter: inside their small apartment, abraham wordsworth can hear his mother singing as he does his homework. she is blind. ♪[ music ] >> every hill, every mountain, every valley, every river that i have had to cross have led me to this place. >> reporter: he as a 3.6 gpa at
6:47 pm
one of the most rigorous private schools in california. head royce. the tuition, $35,000 a year. abraham was in public middle school in east oakland when he first heard about head royce. >> i was looking for something bigger in life and i was looking for a richer experience. >> reporter: so he plied for an academic scholarship. he had mentor help but it was basically abraham. >> he is that incredible. >> not supposed to happen? >> well, i guess it's supposed to happen in hollywood or something like that. >> reporter: abraham was born in liberia in 1996 during a series of civil wars. 250,000 people were killed including his father. several uncles. his mother was too young to care for him. abraham's aunt teresa led their escape. >> she sacrificed her whole life literally. >> he has just been the kind of little boy that i -- -- i
6:48 pm
thought i could never have. but i have him. >> reporter: they were part of an exodus out of liberia living for four years in a refugee camp until they were able to come to the united states. now they worry about ebola and the relatives left in liberia. but here, abraham can fulfill the great family hope. >> in order to prosper, in order to succeed, in order to be somebody in life, you have to be educated. >> reporter: at head royce, he is a peer counselor helping the freshmen here adjust. >> when you talk to them and hear his story, you know, it's like your heart breaks. but when you -- this is not a young person who breaks your heart when you talk with him. >> i could have ended up dead. i could have ended up whatever. but i didn't. so there are definitely a lot of positives and i think that's the internal drive in me to see the good in life. >> reporter: if you want to do
6:49 pm
something or -- he wants to do something, excuse me, that will help people. possibly neuroscience. but abraham will need financial support to get through college. to help kids like him rise above, go to find out how you can help. >> amazing story. >> he is so at home no matter where he is. >> the aunt said something that caught my attention. she said to get anywhere, you have to have an education. >> mm-hm. >> she is so right. >> clearly important. >> something she didn't get to have. >> exactly. >> he is going to. >> good for him. >> thanks, wendy. well, marketers say if you are easily scared or maybe offended don't even bother showing up. of course, we are going to extend our cate caugiran to check it out for you tonight. we're going to show you the bay area halloween theme park called one of the creepiest in the entire nation. that story tonight on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on the cw. hope to see you then. ,,
6:50 pm
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. yeah, that timing of night verne verne has our sports report outside busch stadium. hi, vern. >> reporter: all right there, ken. it was cold and rainy. in fact it's about to rain
6:53 pm
right now. as i was watching the giants work out today i was still shaking my head and wondering, how in the world they got here. no matt cain. lincecum and his struggles. rash of injuries. and here they are, ken, four wins shy of another world series. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the spirit of st. louis. draft beer capital. the famous clydesdales. the kings of the town, the cardinals, fourth straight nlcs appearance. >> when you win a few times, it gives you more confidence going forward. you believe that you're going to get it through, get it done because that's what you do. and i think the guys in that clubhouse maybe have an edge because we have done it. >> reporter: the giants paying a visit each alternates as world series national league reps since 2010. >> i think no matter what teams are here, it's special.
6:54 pm
every time you're here and baseball this time of year, it's as good as it gets. >> i have been at home watching these games before and it's not a very good feeling when you're sitting on the couch watching someone else play so it's definitely better than the alternative. >> reporter: as for the joints on paper as -- as for the giants on paper as with every series it reads like an underdog mismatch. but not so fast. giants post-season e.r.a. in 2010, .218. world champs. 2012, .272, world series champs. 2014 play-off run an eye- popping 1.03. >> some teams are built for the play-offs. you just have to get there. you have good starting pitching even if you have three, four guys that can go out there for you, i think that that is the big deal. a lot of times those teams don't necessarily get into the play-offs and this happened to us in 2011 and 2013. >> saw someone say today that if you've above average in a lot of different places you're
6:55 pm
probably going to win. so i think that puts fits this team very well. >> reporter: joe, can you give me a running total on how many times you may have pinched yourself to make sure this is real? >> yeah, geez, going back to last i would say probably a week and a half or so this has been an unbelievable ride and just to be in this situation now as, you know, as a rookie, three four months in, this is unbelievable. >> reporter: yeah, you bet it's real. adam wainwright for the cardinals of against madison baumgarner tomorrow at 5:00. now, the giants are going to have some company at the team hotel tomorrow night because the 49ers are staying in that same hotel. they are going to be in town to play the st. louis rams monday night on kpix 5. and the defense will get their first look at rams rookie quarterback davis who averaged over 300 yards passing in his three starts while some are calling it -- well fool's gold, the
6:56 pm
defensive coordinate coordinator isn't buying it. >> they have success and the league catches up with him. >> sometimes? never caught up with tom brady. [ laughter ] >> reporter: over to golf. all kinds of creatures out at silverado for the sedged round of the open. martin laird shot from 79 yards out rolls back next to the hole setting up laird for a birdie 5- under 67 today, laird 10 under leads sang-moon bae by one shot going into the next round. that's it from st. louis. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, vern. exciting, exciting weekend up a lot of baseball and football. >> going to wear my orange. all right. for more news throughout the evening, go to captions by: caption colorado at
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: there you go. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we got a good one for you today. returning for the second day, from alexandria, virginia, it's the gowland family. [cheering and applause] and from right here in atlanta, georgia, it's the jackson family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in that head-turning ford fusion right there. yep. let's play "feud"! give me nano. give me tayshia. let's go. ["family feud" theme playing] all right, guys, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. name something that
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most people consider attractive on a man but not on a woman. nano? >> a tie. steve: a tie. tayshia? >> how about a butt? their butt. steve: their butt. pass or play? >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. you kind of got it--you kind of got that backwards. yeah, see, we-- oh, you're slow. [laughter] hey, tori, good to see you again today. >> you, too, uncle steve. steve: good. ok, tori, let's go. name something that most people consider attractive on a man but not on a woman. >> how about facial hair? steve: facial hair. >> great! steve: hey, deanna, how you doing, darling? >> i'm awesome. how are you? steve: you're the 15-year-old ballerina? >> yes, sir. steve: and you play pretty well, too. >> yeah, i like to think so. steve: well, you do. for a 15 year old, you play great. >> yeah, i watch it all the time. steve: hey. ok, deanna, let's go. s


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